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Memoir Writing Workshop
Monday Nights
(Late Summer)
from 6:15p to 7:45p

From writing instructor Jeff Waddleton comes this brand new, late summer intensive focusing specifically on the art of writing a memoir. In this extended course, you will be introduced to all of the tips and tricks you need to effectively write your own life story. Gain insight into how to structure your ideas, learn which stories to include and which to omit, master the delicate art of fact-based story embellishment, discover your narrative voice, and work towards unearthing your theme. It's a fact-filled, fun journey to finally get your story in print. This session will include lectures, writing assignments, in-class cooperative exercises, and a critique workshop. Now is the best time to start your memoir. Join the workshop and let's get your life on the page!


Upcoming Sessions

Special Late-Summer/Early-Fall Schedule
The Only Session Offered This Year!

8/19 - 10/07: Structure Ideas, Discover Your Voice, Find the Theme


Creative Writing for Adults
Tuesday Nights
from 6:15p to 7:45p

Creative Writing for Adults (ages 18+) offers five-week comprehensive sessions delivering entertaining and informative, in-depth instruction for students of all skill levels and experience! Improve your creative techniques, enhance your story-telling knowledge, and learn everything you need to know to become the writer you've always wanted to be! Enjoy fun and uniquely informative exercises designed to help you past the obstacles and on to unleashing your inner author. Whether you're writing a novel, a screenplay, a memoir, short stories, children's books, screenplays, or something else, every session teaches you skills that you need to know to be the best writer you can be! Students will learn a variety of methods for improving their craft and finding their own unique voice. Every session focuses on a new topic, so sign up multiple times to learn even more! Join this popular class and overcome your roadblocks! It's time to Get Writing!


Upcoming Sessions

7/30 - 9/03: Tackling Tropes - Avoiding & Embracing Literary Conventions

9/17 - 10/15: Conflict & Stakes - Raising the Temperature Through Tension

11/12 - 12/17: Planning Long-Form Work - Organizing Ideas to Make the Story Work


Teen Screenwriting
Wednesday Nights
from 6:15p to 7:45p

Teen Screenwriting (ages 11-17) offers six-week comprehensive sessions delivering entertaining and informative, in-depth instruction for teen students of all skill levels and experience! This popular class gives you ALL the secrets you need to know to start writing your own TV and/or Movie screenplays. You'll learn how to create amazing characters and define their intense conflicts; organize your scripts to optimize the action; carefully choose scene settings and environments; master the art of pacing and plot twists; and use FREE script writing software that will help you create YOUR MASTERPIECE! Each session is different, so sign up multiple times to learn even more - or come ALL YEAR to complete your very own feature-length screenplay as part of our Year Long Project series! Squeeze the ideas out of your head and onto the page in this FUN and informative class that's unlike any you've ever taken before! It's time to Get Writing!


Upcoming Sessions

7/31 - 9/04: Trope Hunter - Separating Good Conventions from Bad

9/18 - 10/23: Turning the Screws - Cranking Tension Past the Breaking Point

11/06 - 12/18: Celebrating Redemption - Why Years End Makes Us Want to Be Better


Writers Critique Group
Thursday Nights
from 5:45p to 7:45p

The Writers Critique Group (ages 18+) is an ongoing manuscript critique group for serious-minded writers seeking constructive and insightful input on their work. The primary purpose is to gain feedback on the selections you submit while helping others with your input on theirs. The group also serves as an opportunity for members to build a community of like-minded individuals embarking on a shared creative journey together. Writing is not easy, especially without help, guidance, or inspiration. In this group, we'll endeavor to support, lean on, commiserate with, and encourage one another throughout the entire writing process. Focusing solely on member-created content, the group meets every other Thursday night. Each quarterly session guarantees students the opportunity to submit at least one selection for assessment and critique by the group. Accomplish what you've always wanted to do - it's time to get writing!


Upcoming Sessions

7/27 - 9/05: Summer Session (meets every other Thursday)

9/26 - 12/05: Fall Session (meets every other Thursday)


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